This week I enjoyed doing my inquiry because I am almost done my document on the chrome.
I learnt… how to make a cheap tub organiser with card board off you tube.
Challenges I faced doing the google doc because it was not easy and takes forever
Next week I am going to
finish the goggle doc
Make the tub organiser
And make a web site strong

This week I found out that’s the tub organiser isn’t as easy as it looks it’s harder than I thought.i think connecting the cardboard is the hardest part of it all.

I learnt that you have to measure Before making the organiser.

I think I learnt from my mistakes and that I have to focus and not rush.

My goals for next week are

To focus and not rush

To bring in the stuff for the tub organiser

To make the tub organiser.

Week six



week 7

this week am going to paint my tub organizer.

and make little compartments to put in all off the stuff.

my goals for next week is to

complete my tub organizer

getting together my presentation

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