What did we do? We watched videos, read websites and rotated all of the stations.
What did I learn? I learnt that the british only had to pay 10 pounds to get to Australia.
What am I wondering?i wonder how did ww2 start?

What did we do?we played a game and learnt about the gold mine
What did I Learn?i learnt what the gold rush is and about the gold and also how to play a game
What am I wondering?i wonder if there is other parts in austrila that have as much gold as ballarat

What did we do?we read about convicts and wrote down some facts
What did I learn?we learnt about convits
What am I wondering? i wonder why are they called convicts

What did we do? we watched some moives and did some dot art
What did I learn?i learnt some symbols and dot art
What am I wondering?i wonder why we do dot art

What did we do?we looked at web sites and read story’s about people’s tuff life’s.
What did I learn?i learnt what refuges are and that Austrians are mean to refuges and put them in prisons.
What am I wondering? Why are people so mean to refuges?because we are all human and have the right to be treated fairly.

What did we do? We made paper boats, read a story and checked out web sites.
What did I learn?i learnt how to make a origami paper boat.
What am I wondering?i wonder why did the Vietnamese people fighting over a problem?








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