Why is it so how can it be better?


What I did ?in vented a knife fork
What did I find inserting? How we invented it
What I wonder?i wonder if I can create a small peace of tech and fold it out and make it bigger and better

What did I learn
I learnt that we had to make a thick base and a cylinder

How did I use design, creativity and innovation
We use creativity and design bye using our minds

How will this new knowledge help me in the future
By ushering my balance skillsv


What did I learn?
I learnt to take more care in my drawings because it matters

What did I find insetting? I found insetting that a drawing dosent just take 1 hour unless you want it to be messie in fact it takes days

What I wonder? …

I learnt that the old telephones didn’t connect there were people that connected it for them

What did I find insetting I found insetting how the old phones were built

What I wonder I wonder how phones were built

Facts from inquiry video
.robots are made out of very quick maths
.robots can chop food

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